Hiring a classic car for the first time could be a little daunting. We think if you are at all unclear on where to start your classic car journey our chrome bumper MGB Roadster or GT from 70’s are as good a place as any.

Driving an MGB around A and B roads gives an insight into why speed limits were set at the levels they were. In this car they make perfect sense. The MGB four cylinder 1800cc engine was never the most powerful, although in a car of this size and scale it never struggles. Towns and cities are passed through with ease at the regulated 50kph in third gear. On the open road 100kph is easily achieved in 4th with the added bonus of overdrive to improve the MGB’s cruising capability. Going faster than 100kph is doable although not the MGB’s core strength – unlike many modern cars, an MGB is great fun to drive at fifty and comes into it’s own when it is off the motorway.

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Neil and I wanted to say a special thank you to you for being so kind and helpful with our recent holiday with the lovely red sports car. Right from the start everything was perfect, thanks to your care and attention. The car was a delight to drive and we enjoyed every moment in your beautiful country. The people were friendly, the weather was on its best behaviour, the scenery was magnificent and Ireland has so many fascinating and cultural attractions. From first contacting you right to the end we had an amazing time and felt looked after all the way - right back to Dublin. Hiring the classic car was special and we recommend it highly to others who want a bespoke holiday in beautiful Ireland.

Thank you so much.

- Tricia and Neil (North Yorkshire, UK) (August 2014)


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